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To be able to become our partner, just enter the exact Tron address and receive

5GH/S mining bonus.

After logging in to your account, congratulations, your income has started for free. Mining will be active and will benefit you at any time. Deposit to increase your daily income and increase power.

Deposit Deposit 3TRX--9999999TRX, withdraw 2.5% of the deposit amount every day (permanent withdrawal)
The benefits of recommending others to use your registration link to recharge you are very great. Referral reward benefits are divided into three levels. A: 11%, B: 5%, C: 3%
You can imagine. If you recommend 20 friends to recharge, then the number of A you recommend is 20 friends. +B recommends 20 friends (20×20=400 friends) +C recommends 20 friends (400×20)=8420 friends. You will receive 11% of the total investment of Group A customers, 5% of the total investment of Group B customers, and 3% of the total investment of Group C customers.
  If everyone invests 1000TRX, you get: 262200TRX.
  Group A customers: (20×1000TRX)×11%=2200TRX
  Group B customers: (400×1000TRX)×5%=20000TRX
  Group C customers: (8000×1000TRX)×3%=240000TRX
  2200 trx + 20000 trx + 240000 trx = 262200 TRX.
You can use YouTube, facebook. ins. Use social platforms such as TikTok to post your promotion links and earn commissions from the team.

Yes, you can download the application via the link below


Minimum purchase power of 3 TRX

Minimum withdrawal amount 2 TRX


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  • Total invested by users

3834199.373 TRX

  • Total withdrawn by users

2600392.644 TRX

  • From opening day


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